Mad Catz Gaming Steering Wheel . Wireless . Xbox 360, Pc "Product Type: Gaming Accessories/Gaming Controllers"


Product desription

Mad Catz Gaming Steering Wheel

Mad Catz Gaming Steering Wheel - Wireless - Xbox 360, PC

MADCATZ MCB47502NM02/02/1 Xbox 360(R) Wireless Racing Wheel with Force Feedback

Marketing Information:

Compatible with all Xbox 360 racing games and ideal for use with the upcoming Forza 4 game, the Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel delivers realism and excitement to Xbox 360 gamers everywhere. Complete with both powerful Force Feedback and Dual Vibration Feedback motors which can be used simultaneously, the wheel comes equipped with twin accelerator and brake racing pedals, and features 'tiptronic' style gear shift paddles alongside a unique interchangeable, re-designed gear shift allowing left or right handed drivers to play in comfort. Full metal faceplate provides a realistic and highly durable appearance. Perforated rubber grips provide comfort and stability during prolonged play.

PRODUCT TYPE/ CATEGORY: Gaming Steering Wheel PART# = MCB47502NM02/02/1 Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year

Technical details

  • Brand: OEM