TatuDerm - A Tattoo Aftercare Management System for

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Product desription

TatuDerm - A Tattoo Aftercare Management System for the Tattoo Artist - TATU DERM You are purchasing One ROLL which is 6 inches wide and 180 inches long. Tips & Techniques for Proper Application of Tatu-Derm Around a shoulder, ankle, elbow or any other joint, apply a Tatu-derm overlap of at least two inches above and below the joint to cover enough skin to allow for natural movement. Waterproof Flexible Transparent Breathable Bacterial Barrier Latex Free Tatu-derm was designed to provide a transparent breathable bacterial barrier for new tattoos, ease of use by the tattoo artists and low cost for the consumer. The average tattoo can be covered for about $1 - a relatively low cost for the benefits. Tatu-derm protects the new tattoo from abrasion providing improved comfort. Covering a new tattoo with Tatu-derm will eliminate staining sheets and clothes. Tatu-derm is breathable and waterproof protecting a new tattoo while showering, swimming and surfing. New products are in development.

Technical details

  • ASIN: B004VJ8KQM
  • Brand: Flawless
  • Product Code: B004VJ8KQM
  • Package Dimensions: 490 x 130 x 850 hundredths-inches
  • Package Quantity: 1